On Body Image and Being Shameless

  Last week, at around 3 AM one night, when the world (around me) was asleep, I rose. It was hot, I was annoyed. So, I picked up my fully-charged electric shaver and shaved off all the hair on my head. While I was doing it, I realized what a big personal milestone the sheer […]

Watch Tamasha, even though you may not understand it

Because there’s a good chance that there exists a person inside you who just might. “What’s the story?” That’s a question you might have faced, if you watched a film that someone else hadn’t. In fact, you might even have responded with, “Same old story. Nothing new.” With Tamasha, Imtiaz Ali – who has often […]


Because she’s in some long-standing feud with time itself, she sometimes makes an entrance like a hurricane. Her will is made like a gun; and so are her vocal chords. Said entrances are, thus, often loud. Yet, she’s a quiet one. She grapples with things. She doesn’t believe in absolutes, not quite. Absolutes, in fact, […]


Mira’s eyes had been closed for longer than she realized, her heart reassured by the three words spoken by the stranger a few minutes ago. “Take your time,” he had said. He was holding her firmly by her waist; at least for a little while, she was sure she wouldn’t fall. Her first vision when […]


Steam hissed out of Mira’s coffee maker. She wasn’t usually an early riser, but every once in a while, she found herself wide awake early on a Sunday, and life instantly felt so much better. She had to choose between having filter coffee and cappuccino; she chose the latter because she felt in the mood […]


“What the fuck? What the actual fucking fuck?” Sen was seething like he’d been wearing wet socks for hours. What had happened wasn’t supposed to happen, and now all he could do was fire-fight. “Meenal, get me Harinath on the phone right away,” he yelled, while continuing to pound away on his BlackBerry. He was […]


His eyes had been open for a good ten minutes before he finally realized that he was awake. The bed was alien to him, but it was comfortable. He still felt a wee bit groggy. Then there was the headache. “So this is what they call a hangover,” he thought. He sat up straight and […]

Cong, BJP or AAP?

  My best friend has declared that he’s going to vote for the BJP, for Narendra Modi, because he believes that Modi has what it takes to replicate the Gujarat success story (one that is still hotly debated,) at the national level. Another one of my closest friends has already voted for the Congress, because […]